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College Essay

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Why would a college want to consider my previous academic achievements before granting me admission to their college?


1. A 'sudent' in general is identified with his grades, and since the reason for him going to college is majoring in the subject of his choice (ideal situation), it is only essential to have some level of filtering based on past academic achievements.

2. Yes, academics are not a measure of the student's complete personality, but when all the records throughout his schooling, are combined ...view middle of the document...

For example, if a student is trying to get into college A, and is supposed to prepare for ATest, ATest being the screening test for college A. This means that basically whatever he/she has accomplished on the academic front before that particular test holds no value. All the hard work put into various projects, into learning innumerable concepts has gone to waste.

4. The futility of the afore-mentioned single test is what asks for the previous academic achievements to be brought into the purview of the people taking care of the admission process.

Against the idea of considering past academic achievements:

1. Judging a student by his academic performances alone, is again against the idea of holistic education, which seems to be the cause a lot of people have been fighting for, of late.

2. A student may have had to face a lot of hardships during his schooling, or may have not performed that well previously. Hence, judging him solely on the basis of previous academic achievements doesn't give the whole picture.

3. A student's life is not a differential of his grades he got in school, but an integration of all the things he has learned so far.

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