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Collaborative Tools Essay

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Collaborative Tools
The art of online collaboration has been slowly fine-tuned over a couple of decades. One could argue that digital networking started with the popularity of mobile cell phones. But the World Wide Web has expanded to create a meeting ground where ideas can develop into something very real and tangible. Working with a team of any size is going to require some compromise. And with the right tools and ideologies it’s possible to build some of the future’s greatest technological advancements. Collaborative learning is essentially people working together to solve a problem, create a product, or derive meaning from a body of material (Eberly, 2014).Collaborative tools are always ...view middle of the document...

I have also used Skype to communicate with family members that have been in other countries and other continents. It was such a convenience to be able to sit and talk with someone like they are face to face when they can be so far away.
Skype is a simple application to use and it doesn’t take very long to get up and running. Some of the things that are needed are a computer with a microphone and a web video camera so that there you can use that to run the program. The next step would be to Get on to Skype and download the program. You have to create an account next. Make sure you know your user name so you can tell those you want to talk with what it is so they can call you. You can also get peoples user names so you can call them and then once you do that you are able to talk to them. “Take collaboration to another level. Share screens and create together. Send photos and files of any size and keep the ideas flowing. (Skype, 2015)” Skype is continually adding to their tools they are allowing for screen sharing with is very useful when doing a presentation. They also allow you to call mobile...

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