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Cold WarPatricia Hamilton
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Cold War
I will be writing about longest war in history the Cold War . First, about the historical and political conditions of the Cold War. Explanation of specific threat against United States during the Cold War. Third, my preparation to prepare my family for Cuba Missile Crisis in the Cold War. Lastly, the question I was asked about the Cold War.
Historical and Political Conditions of the Cold War
The Cold War begin in 1945 until 1991. The Cold War starts with conflict between the Communist nation of Soviet Union and United States. Also, what type of government should rule Eastern Europe. Their three historical and political factor in 1960s about the Cold War Bay Of Pig, Vietnam War, and Cuba Missile Crisis.
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With the collapse of the Iron curtain in Eastern Europe, the unification of Germany, the fragmentation and subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union have all but eliminated the Cold War. International cooperation during the first Gulf War demonstrated that even before the end of the Soviet Union, the rhetoric of the past no longer had any place in American foreign or domestic policy.” (Naranjo,2003)

Explanation of specific threat in the Cold War
The bay of Pigs was to overthrown Fidel Castro government.Which ended in dismal failure to the United States failure to enter the invasion to force was s either killed or capture by Cuba soldier. Next, the Vietnam War was from 1961 that lasted three Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon withdrawal of troop in 1973 and ended in 1975 at Saigon. The war was against South Vietnam and Soviet against North Vietnam with United States. Lastly, the Cuba Missile Crisis is the closest us American came to WWIII a Nuclear War. American went to longest 13 days of their life with high tensions until Kennedy Administration got rid of missile out of Cuba. President Kennedy and Castro strike a deal to stop the Cuba Missile Crisis.
Explanation of preparing my family from a threat
I will make a survival plan for my family. I will find self meeting place meet after the crisis. I will have dry food and can goods, an lots of water, two ways radio with batteries, and battery power regular radio for news report. We probably stay in our basement, asked to go someone bomb shelter, or safe place to protect us. The question I pose about the Cold War. What are some ways the military plan about Cuba Missile Crisis?
In conclusion, I sum up the following the historical and political conditions of the Cold War,explanation of specific threats in Cold war, describe my preparation to protect my family for Cuba Missile Crisis., and conclude with a question about the Cold War.

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