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Cognition Essay

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How the development of cognition is facilitated in the Bronfenbrenner and the Super and Harkness models?
Cognition is a defined as the way a person thinks, reason, remember, solve a problem and make a decision. Factors of culture and their beliefs are found in the collaboration among Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems and Super and Harkness model contribute in a variety of ways to cognitive development across the lifespan. Cognition development occurs as a result of children’s attempts to adapt to their environments and to make sense of the many ...view middle of the document...

The different influences of the cultures in the development of cognition may include the culturally shared ideas, anticipations, and habits of mind, communication patterns, and technologies. This model holds that variations in cognitive functioning especially in the aging mind may well be explained by studying the meanings, artifacts, practices and institutions as strongly influenced by culture.
In Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Systems Theory, he specified four types of nested systems crucial to the development of cognition in humans. These are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. His microsystem is the layer closet to the child and contains those structures with which the child has direct contact, for example, family or preschool and resulting behaviors, such as dependence, independence, cooperation or competition. The mesosystem, recognizes that the individual microsystem in which a child functions are not independent but are closely interrelated or connected and influence each other. The exosystem includes formal setting, such as parents’ place of work or community health and welfare institutions, which has affect on his development. The Macrosystem consists of the customs, values, and laws considered important in the child’s culture, which also affects development of cognition.

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