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Coffee Essay

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When looking At the demographic that we will be focusing on for out coffee product will be the following demographic.

Adult’s men and women between the age of 25 to 50 this age group will count for 49% of business. We will target urbanites with high income and professional careers and focus on their social welfare. For this target audience grows at a rate of 3 % on an annually basis. If we advertise and stay consistent we will be able to compete with others in the market and we need to have a hip contemporary ...view middle of the document...

Kids and Teens also consume coffee mainly in the ages of 13 ro 17 kids and teen only count for about 2% of the market we may not market to them but we have kid-friendly products and offering special for child size for instance.
Complimentary products will be another area that we will focus on it will contain 75 % of our revenue this will be selling merchandise with different vendors and company we will sell thing like shrts and coffee mug as a way of promoting our business

When looking at all the coffee make this is all the company market their products including star buck which is one of the major coffee house since it has been open and continues to grow with all if not every demographic in the world both young and old alike are starting to love coffee. Almost every nation function off coffee and that is one why that keep us going and keep use awake and make us feel good is coffee. Coffee will be a product that will continue to sell as log as there are people around to drink it . that is why company that invest in coffee will grown and do well casue there is little competition that can compete with the supply of coffee unless u grow your own product or get a great deal from the supplier.

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