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Codes Of Conduct, Csr H&M And Bmw

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CODES OF CONDUCT AND CSR of H&M, BMW Corporate Social Responsibility - has become very important in recent years  today more and more customers, employees, and the general public are demanding information about whether companies are meeting acceptable standards. ! Essential for the success of a company to act in compliance with the law.  economic globalization brought high complexity of legal regulations  increase the risk of laws being broken.  potential damage to reputation  Publicity spreads fast through communication channels. (Internet! Out of control) - by being corporate responsible a company can gain a high competitive advantage: - externally through company’s clean and good reputation - internally through employee engagement •Integration of sustainability throughout the entire value chain  creating an added value for the company, the environment and ...view middle of the document...

00 farmers in Bangladesh on their rights since 2008 Be ethical - Implementation of new global anti-harassment policy - Code of ethics - Protecting data Be climate smart - Reduction of green house gas emissions - Promoting energy efficiency in the supply chain

Reduce, reuse, recycle - Collecting used garment in stores for recycling - Producing consumer plastic bags out of recycled plastic Use natural resources responsibly - Using more sustainable cotton, less water - Reducing chemicals in the production - Saving up to 100 million litres of water in the production of denim - Monitoring water quality - Collaboration with the WWF Strengthen communities - Supporting long-term development in Bangladesh - Investing in better health and education of women and children - Collaboration with UNICEF –projects together - Investing in clean drinking water and infrastructure - Strengthening young workers (16+) rights in china

Code of Conduct: "Principles, values, standards, or rules of behavior that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of its key stakeholders, and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations." Code of Conduct - drawn up in 1997, the Code of Conduct builds the basis of H&Ms efforts to make our supply chain more sustainable. - based on (like all of them): - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, - the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - national legislation. 8 sections: • Legal requirements • A ban on child labour • Health and safety • Workers’ rights • Housing conditions • Environment • Systems approach • Monitoring and enforcement

1. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS - all our suppliers and other business partners must, in all their activities, follow the national laws in the countries in which they operate 2. CHILD LABOUR IS NOT ACCEPTED - H&M does not accept child labour (

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