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Code Of Ethics Essay

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Code of Ethics
Teresa Sieck
ETH/ 316
July 2, 2012
Ed McCullough

Code of Ethics
A code of ethics is a collection of principles practiced and followed by management of businesses and corporations around the world (Spiro, 2010). A businesses code of ethics works with a company’s mission statement and policies of conduct that gives employees, partners, venders, and outsiders an understanding of what the company stands for and believes in (Boylan, 2009). It should address the differences or variations in both company’s industry and its broader goals for social responsibility (How to create a company code of ethics, 2012). It should be strong enough to serve as a guide for employees ...view middle of the document...

• Employees will be free to express concerns and or questions through human resources about management, coworkers, and the corporation with no retaliation or prejudice.
• Customers and venders will be treated fairly and respectfully.
• Employees will conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.
Global Business:
Before working with or in other countries, the corporation will research outside venders and businesses code of ethics and practices (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). This corporation is dedicated to the value of people and will not work with a company that enlist children as employees, mistreats employees, or fail to provide safe and healthy working conditions with no regard to human life.
• Consideration to ethnics, religious, personal, and local laws and practices will be respected. If there are conflicts, Human Resources, and the Legal Department will review and make recommendation to management.
• Ethical and business practices will not be forced on outsiders; customers, business partners, and employees.
• The corporation is committed not to work with vendors who use child labor or who’s actions are harmful to the environment and human life.
• The corporation will accept no bribes for any business or personal gain.
All investing and investments will be processed in compliance with all regulations and laws in accordance with regulatory laws and the United States Security Exchange Commission (Spiro, 2010).
• Employees and management should not have financial or other interests in any of the corporation’s venders, suppliers, or ownership of outside businesses that may create conflict or prejudice; excluding publicly traded stocks.
• Employees and management will not accept gifts, favors, gratuities, or other items of value from venders, suppliers, or customers that may create conflict of interest within the corporation.
Finance and record keeping:
Financial reporting information will be done in accordance with the law with honestly and accuracy in accordance with company practices and policies (Macy’s Inc. Code of conduct and ethics, 2012).
• There will be no sliding of accounting information (cooking the books).
• Publicly traded stocks will be processed in accordance with Security Exchange Commission rules.
• Stockholder information will be updated annually and in accordance with the Security Exchange Commission guidelines.
Employees will adhere to privacy laws and regulations that adhere to federal ordinances (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). Employees will keep business...

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