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Code Mixing And Code Swicthing In Learnin Activities

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1.1. Background of the Study
Language is important to communication between human. Many students speak more than one language in their classroom activities, even if their study about English language. During their learning activities, they switch or mix between two or more than language. Even the differences between two languages are great, there is a possibility to mix and switch the languages. For example,( Indonesian language and English language have different pronunciation, intonation, grammar, and different way in arranging word into sentences.
The function of language is for communication between human being. So, people as the social human need to ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, in this study, the writer wants to know the language that the students switch or mix, even they are multilingualism.
1.2. Reasons for Choosing the Topic
Code switching or code mixing is a common phenomenon among bilinguals or multilingual. The participants of classroom are called multilingual because they can speak at least three languages. Those are Javanese as their mother tongue because all of the participants of the classroom are Javanese. After they has mother tongue, Javanese, they master Bahasa Indonesia as second language. Even, English as foreign language that they learn in the school.
The writer assumes that there are little previous researches about code switching and code mixing which are conducted in the classroom particulary. The writer intends to look into code switching or code mixing used by the participants and their functions of using it. It is expected that the topic can be used as a reference to be a consideration of problem solving in the study of sociolinguistics, especially in the study of conversational code switching and code mixing in the classroom.
1.3. Statement of the problems
Code switching and code mixing is always happen in learning activities, especially in English learning process to make student easier in understanding the subject. Almost student in Indonesia doesn’t speak English well because English is a foreign language for them, so, the teacher need to switch and mix the language in learning activities. It is the phenomena in Indonesian learning process, that phenomena is the source of the research and it can be the statement of the problems, and that statement can be formulated as how is code switching and code mixing in student learning process of second grader in SMA 1 Doro?
1.4. Objective of the Study
In English learning activities in SMA 1 Doro, the teacher mix and switch the English language to make student can comprehends the material that teacher teach, it is the case that the writer want to know about it. So, the objective of the study can be formulate such as To know code switching and code mixing in student learning process of second grader in SMA 1 Doro

1.5. Significances of the Study
This study is important for both the reader and in academic because it has many advantages. It is also as reference for them.
1. Theoretically
a. The readers have knowledge about code switching and code mixing and enriching their vocabulary of English words.
b. The reader are able to recognize the forms of code switching and code mixing used by participant in the classroom and reason why they use them and the forms can be applied as Indonesian new words.
c. This study is hoped to contribute toward a better understanding of group membership, values, relative prestige and power relationship.
2. Academically
a. The result of this study becomes one of the references in studying sociolinguistics, especially an English code switching and code mixing.
b. The...

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