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Coastal Features Essay

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A basic review of the Accounts Office of a particular business.

1.To find out how the Accounts Office operates.
2.To find out the documents used in the Accounts office

Accounting departments typically handle a variety of important tasks.
Such tasks often include :
1. Invoicing customers, accounts receivable monitoring and collections, account reconciliations, payables processing, consolidation of multiple entities under common ownership, budgeting, periodic financial reporting as well as financial analysis.

2. Also common are setting up adequate internal controls for all business processes (to prevent theft/misappropriation of assets), ...view middle of the document...

Interviews were also conducted as a source of primary information. Customers were interviewed in the business at the point of purchasing products. Staff was interviewed after business hours. When this procedure was not efficient, the researcher called the business to conduct the interview through the telephone. The researcher interviewed the manager and one of the accounts clerk’s.
A questioner was also conducted within this research where a hand pick of clerks where asked multiply choice questions.

The advantages of using the interview are:
* It enables respondents to give extended answers to open-ended questions.
* It is a convenient way of oral communication which is useful for individual discussions.

Questions Asked of Company Personnel
1. What are some business forms used within this office?
2. What are some of the responsibilities of this office?
3. What are the responsibilities and attributes of the accounts clerk?
4. What are some equipment’s used within this office?
5. How does technology help to maintain business stability?
6. What are some rules and regulations?

Date | Activities | Comments |
December 23 2010 | The researcher went to business to see if it could be consider as a site for the research | Business was a suitable place for the investigation. |
July 26 2011 | Went to business place to ask permission verbally in order to conduct the research | Supervisor confirmed that the research could be done |
July 28 2011 | Brought the letter of correspondence to the supervisor | Supervisor read the letter and said that the investigation can be done |
July 30 2011 | Called the business to find out which date the investigation can commence | Supervisor said it can be conducted at any time today |
August 1 2011 | Conduct a telephone interview with the manager | Proceedings was successful |
August 4 2011 | Interviewed customers | Important information was gathered |
August 7 2011 | Issued questionnaires | Said that they will answer them after working hours |
August 10 2011 | Observed customer service | Information gathered on October 4 was confirmed |
August 12 2011 | Questioned the manager about the effectiveness of these systems | Important information was gathered |
August 13 2011 | Observed business activities | Various activities were well observed |
August 15 201 | Was telephoned my manager of the business | Manager thanked me for choosing their business as the site of research, and wished me luck with my S.B.A |
August 17 2011 | Went to the business to confirm the end of the investigation | Gratitude was accepted |

In any business there are rules and regulations governing the business, workers, visitors, its activities and its consumers. The following are the rules and regulations governing the business:
* One legislation governing the workplace is The Public Health Act. This legislation ensures that all employees of the...

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