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Co2520 Module 2 Analysis

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Michael Mason
Communication 2520
Tuesday Class
Societal Influences on Communication and Perception

Michael Mason (18661886)
Societal Influences on Communication and Perception

Michael Mason (18661886)

What is identity? It’s what makes us who we are, whether we are black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, and gay. “When you enrolled in college, you were most likely required to provide a piece of identification, such as a birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license. Identity is tied closely to identification; it refers to who you are and the specific characteristics that make you different from other individuals. In communication studies, identity includes not only who you are but also the social categories you identify yourself with and ...view middle of the document...

Parents that have a nice happy baby will be closer the baby, whereas the baby cries a lot they will feel frustrated and not be drawn to their baby. The reflected appraisal happens with your friends, family, teachers, people you know and also strangers.

Social comparison is how we act in groups of other people. How we measure ourselves in a group in our group identity. For example your mom tell you to never use swear words in school or in church because it not appropriate. A women says I look good for my age is another example, she’s comparing herself to the other women in her age category. Even when you grade is a B in the class and you tried your very best and showed up to every class not missing any days. It makes you look at yourself and compare to the other students in the class.

Our self-fulfilling prophecies is when we expect something to happen. For example
If you have been studying for the whole week, one’s expectation would be to get a high grade on the test such as an A. It influences people to act and communicate in a certain that will make the outcome to most likely happen. They can also come true by communicating it with us. People act on the way they are influenced in life. If a father or mother will says that a child is not smart their whole life then it’s more likely the child will not be smart and fail because of the negative input the parents but into the child’s influences. Also there is stereotypes that people have about other people such as that Asians are good at math or African-Americans are really good at basketball.

All in all, there are many factors that play an important role in Societal Influences on communication and perception. Each one of these affects everyone’s evaluation of themselves in their self-concept. They understand similarities and difference between ourselves and others. It’s what we see inside ourselves our internal image that effects our self-esteem and our self-respect.

Alberts, Jess K., Thomas Nakayama, Judith Martin. Human Communication in Society, 3rd Edition. Pearson Custom Publishing, 2013.

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