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Club It Part One Essay

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Club IT, Part One (750 – 1050 words)

Mission and Clientele
The mission statement of Club IT is direct and simple; it states that the owners want to provide “live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments” that would cater to the desires of the clientele. The mission states that the owners wish to build a regular clientele, customers who would “meet regularly at Club IT.” The type of clientele the owners are wanting to attract are music lovers, and from looking at their calendar they should have no problem getting people who want to hear live music, DJ playlists and dance in the door, several months out of the year there are bands from a specific area in the United States booked to play ...view middle of the document...

Wireless handheld scanners are making the ID check faster with the ability to check an ID within seconds and without leaving the presence of the patron. Some ID verification software can help with security, databases are linked together and will notify operators when someone banned from one club shows up at another (Harrelson, 2010).
Customer Orientation Strategy
A loyal customer base will be Club IT’s most valuable asset, making the customer happy should be one of the clubs top priorities (Rainer & Turban, 2008). A step in the right direction concerning this would be to make sure the website is user friendly and personalized to accommodate the users. An idea for this would be to create some members only functions, membership should be free, and provide special promotions exclusively for the website members to be used at the club. An example of this would be online coupons emailed to those who sign up for membership at the website, it sounds cliché but people do love coupons. Another step could be V.I.P. status memberships with a paid membership, obviously this would entail a little more than an e-mail coupon but if structured the right way it could generate enough revenue to pay for the website and the revenue lost when customers redeem the coupons.
Club IT is a nightclub run by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, Club IT is the dream of Ruben and Lisa, who worked their way through college as musicians. Ruben and Lisa wanted to open a music venue for local and traveling musicians as well as DJ’s who will utilize mp3 playlists. While the interior of the club meets the standards of the owners the information technology is not up to the standards that it needs...

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