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Club It 2 Essay

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Club IT Part Two

December 23rd, 2010
Kevin Judge

Club IT Part Two
Club IT is a new music place in downtown’s city nightlife. The owners of Club IT Ruben and Lisa want to bring at El Centro extraordinary and unforgettable nightlife atmosphere to its guests. Even though Club IT has done an exceptional job in the information systems world, but it is waiting for improvement. In evaluating and examining information about the nightclub business, opportunities at the Club IT exist in improving technology capabilities. Both Ruben and Lisa need an assessment of existing information systems and recommendations on how to improve management capabilities.
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For example, there are many places that not able to obtain sufficient connection, so major business opportunity could be lost. The similar happen with the PDAs and other wireless communications. Club IT starts selling tickets on a popular website as Ticketmaster. The website allows online ticket sells, which will make easy people to go on the website and order the number of tickets that they will like to get. The kind of website have nothing wrong with kind of website, but people need to have other options, but when trying to do phone orders there are many times that people are just getting a busy signal. This happen because many people are calling in. Buying tickets from a person would not be a good option too if someone needs 20 tickets for a group that probably attending and the person is only carrying five then would have to search for an additional 15 tickets. One option would be E-commerce, which allows customers to purchase product and services around the clock (Rainer & Turban, 2008) When participating in e-commerce, there are not limiting customers to the area where tickets are sold. The advantage of using online websites customers around the world can purchase tickets for the area that they could be visiting information technology for managing its information resources.
The first problem is in Club IT is using a dial-up connection is latency. The dial-up connections have a high rate; they are normally not capable to handle the job of supporting any possible advances that may come after operation of JAD analysis. Applying a Joint Application Design method in improving the systems development and would not only help to form a system that meets the requirements of the Club IT staff but also its customers. Club IT can get a firm business increase through effective involvement in e-commerce; they must take the necessary steps in put into their business information system.
Second problem is that the way is accessed to Internet, although Ruben and Lisa are saving money by using a dial up service, it not has the speed necessary to communicate with the suppliers, or run credit cards at the same time. However, the installation of a second line could be a solution for this problem, the costs would increase, and using a high-speed Internet service would give them more options on planning a website, communicating with customers, and suppliers. The most important is not used the main line for taking reservations or answering questions from the customers. Using a dial up service would limit advance and participation in video conferencing or online gaming. A High-speed service would increase the opportunities of improvement a new IT System and making Club IT more efficiently business. The use of resources like the Internet always helps with purchasing of supplies or making payments to suppliers for services that were purchased. The Internet helps with tracking employees and their benefits, and the employees can use it to follow...

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