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Club It Essay

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Club IT
Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada manage and own a music place located downtown called Club IT. In 2005 Ruben and Lisa graduate from college and with Business Administration degrees and pursued their dream of opening a nightclub. During their college years, they worked as musicians; Lisa played jazz violin and Ruben played the drums. They both got to learn about nightclubs from their experience and they learned the business principle attending school. Club IT contains about 6,000 square feet of space, 600 square foot dance floor, seating for 220, a kitchen and short orders, and a bar (“Wiley Knowledge for Generation: Club IT”, 2012).
Club IT’s Mission and Clientele
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Some of their suppliers have links which allows them to make their orders electronically. Employees should not have the same sign in for the company computer; each employee should have their own user name along with their won password. This Club IT organizes their files in their computers, they have their ordering sheets which lists all vendors and the amount of products they need and employees have access to these resources to make sure that they have what they need to serve their customers.
Club IT’s Organizational Information Systems
Club IT uses the organizational information system to process payroll, keep track of how who worked and how many hours; executive dashboard to keep track of sales by product; on the Club IT website it shows sales for each item that they sell; supply chain management system; Club IT uses this to have access and are able to order what it needed through their suppliers online to continue to serve their customers and enterprise resource planning system, employees have access to the company data. Transaction processing system is another information system Club IT uses transaction processing system is to keep track of each item is sold to know what is the most popular beverage or appetizer. Knowing this kind of information can help employees interact with their clients, especially if it is their first time in the club.
Through the information the website for Club IT provides, it shows that the club is profit and sales. A business surviving the business world is able to provide the needs and to satisfy...

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