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Cloud Base Essay

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There are many options available to store your files in the “cloud” (i.e., on the Web). What do you think are the advantages of this type of storage versus storing your files on a physical device such as a hard drive or flash drive? What are the disadvantages?

I used cloud computer about a year it is very cool and handy. The advantage is that flexibility that it can ...view middle of the document...

Cloud work fast being able to upload or download as fast as the internet connection supports. I could see this working great for a company, what would be better than having data in a cloud (with a reputable company) and having people access during or off of business hours. Travel all over the world and knowing that u have the data. Great for backing up data and not having it lost or destroyed. There are a lot of companies that give free space but it is limited. I believe over all if it’s for a business or home use it becomes cost effective. Not having to buy the equipment and devices to backup and secure the data.
The disadvantage it must have internet access to get the data. Another is that if you have a lot of information or data to post on the cloud you may have to pay month for more space. Also there is a concerned that someone could bypass the security system and steal the data or information, but that they could do the same on a server.

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