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Close To The Water Essay

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Close to the Water’s Edge
The short story Close to the Water’s Edge shows us the result of a boy’s unstable childhood. The boy must find his own identity and search for a normal way of life. His own parents lacked the abilities of upbringing him, so he’s never had a role model which he could look up to. The young man at the age of nineteen is the main character of the short story. He’s got many opportunities in life. He gets top grades at Harvard University, and his stepfather is a millionaire. This, however, is not what makes him happy. This is not what he wants with his life. In the first paragraph of the story, ...view middle of the document...

A good example of this is seen on page 4. ‘”They must be all around you like flies,” he says, “a young man like you. Why, when I was your age I had a different woman every weekend.”’ Also when the pink cake arrives, the millionaire is grinning which could be interpreted as if he is mocking the young man. We can’t be sure if the main character is homosexual or not. There is nothing that makes it positive that he is, but a lot of things point towards it. He has never brought a girl down nor had a male role model.
The sea is a symbol of freedom. When he goes to ‘wash the evening off him’ he uses the seas to be free and get clean. He wants to free himself from their way of life. It is not the kind of life he wants. He might also want to get away from their judgement. They treat him as if he is feminine or homosexual even though he has never given them any sign that he is. He wants to have his own identity and not just live up to the mothers and millionaires expectations. The sea also symbolises his lack...

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