Clinical Interview Essay

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Clinical Interview
Purpose of the clinical Interview
Typically, an initial clinical interview is the first step towards developing the initial DSM-IV-TR diagnosis and treatment plan for a mentally troubled person. This interview follows an unstructured format of clinical interviews. The unstructured interview format has often been criticized for its shortcoming but researchers (Craig, 2003; Miller, 2003) assert the importance of the initial interviews to psychiatrists as a critical tool in diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. The interview is a typical assessment procedure which involves collection and integration of a patient’s data. It remains the ...view middle of the document...

The Patient
Robert is 49 year old male, a single father of three children. He works part-time and attends school part-time to become an Emergency Medical Assistant. Robert’s current employer has found that Robert’s smoking habit requires the special attention of a clinician because the behavioral professionals in the company have failed to make a turn around with him. The company Robert works for does not permit smoking on company grounds and Robert has been caught smoking on the grounds; his job is at risk if he is caught again.
Compiling the identifying information of an individual or the client involved in an initial clinical assessment is the basic step. This step is imperative because it provides clues that could later lead to effective diagnosis. For instance a client’s gender or sex is related to client’s mental illnesses. Men have a higher rate of substance abuse and anti-social disorders (Klose & Jacobi, 2004).
Interview Questions
Before we began it is important that you know anything you say or any information you give is strictly confidential, and unless you give your permission to release any of the information that is obtain it will remain between you and I (Argosy, 2014). If your job requires progress reports rest assure nothing you say will be revealed, the only information that will be reported to your employer will be if you are keeping your appointments and if there is any progress being made.
Tell me about Your Smoking? How did the smoking start? And how old were you then?
What is the purpose of smoking or how does it help you in life?
How many cigarettes do you smoke daily?
Does that mean that the part time job keeps you from smoking more than a pack a day?
How has your smoking patterns changed recently?
Have you made any attempts to quit before?
During the quitting attempts were you guided by a counselor or did you try it by yourself?
When was your longest quit attempt?
What factors help you stay out of your smoking habit the entire three weeks?
What led you to smoking again?
What do you think would help you drop the habit completely next time?
What needs to change now so that you can quit in the near future?
How can I help you?
Preparation for the Interview
In preparation for the interview I researched why importance of unstructured clinical interviews in diagnosing DSM-IV-TR disorders. The fact that unstructured clinical...

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