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I will develop the rules, consequences and rewards for the class prior to the start of the school year, they will be as follows:

* NO TARDINESS: Be in your seat and ready for class when the bell rings. Standing outside the door rushing in after the bell has begun to ring constitutes a tardy. You must be INSIDE the door. Before arriving to class, make sure all personal needs have been attended to, since no hall passes will be issued. Arriving late 3 or more times will lead to various consequences.

* BE PREPAIRED: Have all your materials that will be needed for class. Including; textbook, pen/pencil, folders, notebook or other items as directed. Begin warm-up activity ...view middle of the document...

* PARENT CONTACT: If the student still shows no improvement their parents will be contacted and made aware of the repeated problems their child has caused.

* ASSIGNMENTS OPT OUT: Student’s that obey rules and do not receive any disciplinary actions for 4 consecutive weeks will receive an opportunity to opt out of one homework assignment.
* FIELD TRIP: Student’s that obey rules and do not receive any disciplinary actions for the entire semester will be allowed to participate in a semester ending field trip or activity chosen by the class as it relates to the coursework.

Record Keeping
* LOG: Within the daily attendance log a space will be provided for any disciplinary events that took place during that particular day. All disciplinary actions will be recorded and taken note of.

The rules will me clearly communicated at the beginning of the year and I will be consistent in adhering to the consequences and model good behavior and expectations. The rules will be posted in the room as a reminder and we will practice the rules at the beginning of each semester and have a periodic review of them at different points along the...

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