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Classical Principles Of Argumument Paper

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Classical Principles of Argument Paper
February 27, 2013
Dr. Tracy Boothe
Alicia Black

Jim Wallis is a veteran of the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s. He created the publication of Sojourners magazine, which published articles, that encouraged peace, justice and overcoming poverty. Wallis created an organization called: Call to Renewal, with the assistance of affiliated churches and religious organizations that worked directly with poor people. Jim Wallis is a credible source and a great person to write about the devastation and hard truth of what Hurricane Katrina revealed.
In this, article the author Jim Wallis wrote about how Hurricane Katrina destroyed ...view middle of the document...

It revealed all the people who did not have valuable resources and funds available to get away from the devastation. So many Americans hearts filled with compassion for the victims of the hurricane. Many families from New Orleans were uprooted from where they called home all of there lives; placed in different cities across the United States. Many of the victims were rewarded better living conditions than had prior to the natural disaster. Katrina demanded for the American people to create some solutions to help control poverty. The writer wanted everyone as a nation to take action. The writer wanted to rescue all of our American people who are in danger. He wanted to assist the Americans who live below poverty levels. He wanted to relocate the homeless and started the beginning stages of recovery. The critical needs of poor people should be a first priority on our government federal and state legislatures. Not only were we suffering from the effects of the natural disaster. We were also dealing with tax cuts for the wealthy, the war in Iraq, cuts to food stamps and Medicaid.
To overcome the poverty level in the New Orleans, it will take some strategic planning and for...

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