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hat precisely makes a story classic ? The vast majority depict a story to be exemplary when it has stood the test of time. In my perspective , I believe a story is a classic when it practice a particular influence on people, or when it serve as a standard for writing and it is to be looked upon as of the highest class over time. In this paper, I would focus on what part of Orwell's exposition Shooting an Elephant makes it a work of art. Moreover, I would introduce one book related novel called A Passage to India by E.M Forster and a musical composition by Bob Dylan entitled Rolling Stone. which I would be contending on why these authors and artist works are worthy of being consider ...view middle of the document...

George Orwell's and E.M Forster are both writers and they are best known for their ironic and best plotted short stories on British class ruling and imperialisms. What makes both books classic is the fact they reveal the secrets of British dominion over other countries and it effect till this present day and has become one of the great literature works used in teaching in high schools , colleges and other institutions.
Also, both authors works can be classified as equally classic because both stories take place in the British colony, whereby the share the idea of Elimination. In Passage to India, the main character Dr.Aziz is an Indian living in a British colony while the Orwell essay is about him living in Burma as an officer of the law. In both novels there is clear tension in the relationship between the British and the people of the land, " No one had the guts to raise a riot" which emphasize that the people of Burma hates the British. In my perspective , one of this novel can use in place of the other to share the same idea of British rule in Islamic countries although they may differ a bit in context.
Another factor that makes this books worthy to be called classic is the fact that, both books reveals significant information on the social borders between the people and the British, which most history books would never portrays to educate a student . For example, In Passage to India portray a comity between an Englishman and an Indian, which the friendship fails, but in Shooting an Elephant, there are no endeavors whatsoever in forming a relationship between the Englishmen and the Burmese. The Englishmen look at the Burmese people as less paramount, they genuinely believed that an elephant has more value than a Burmese child "the younger men said it was a damn shame to shoot an elephant for killing a coolie, because an elephant was worth more than any damn Coringhee coolie" Orwell stated that " I was very glad that...

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