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Claremont California Sustainability Plan Essay

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White Paper for Claremont, CA.

The city of Claremont defines the goal of sustainability through their plan as “The vision is one where all who live and work in Claremont are enabled to live in ways that allow them to meet their needs while preserving the ability of future generations to do the same. A sustainable Claremont is a community that balances social needs, environmental health and economic prosperity while not depleting or degrading its natural resources, creating social inequities, or limiting our prospects for continued economic prosperity.” The sustainability plan includes goals, indicators, numeric targets and actions. The city has a very well defined framework that has been ...view middle of the document...

Indicators and targets that are needed to make meaningful progress in that area are also listed. The plan names the agency/entity that is responsible for achieving and implementing this goal.
The plan also has established an implementation plan that involves three different groups’ efforts. The first group is a Green Team that is made up of city staff. The Green Team coordinates city efforts, carries out actions, collects and maintains data and prepares annual grade cards. The city manager also appoints a “Sustainability Coordinator” who is in charge of coordinating the implementation of the Sustainable City Plan and coordinating the efforts of the Green Team. The Green Team’s mission shall include an emphasis on community education and outreach with a specific focus on implementing the Plan’s Community Education/Outreach goals. The City budget is going to provide sufficient funding/resources to support the community education and outreach activities of the Sustainability Coordinator.
The second group is the Sustainability Committee which is citizen oversight that reviews grade cards and provides staff and city council with advice. The Sustainability Committee is intended to act in advisory, oversight and advocacy capacities for the City regarding sustainability issues. The Sustainability Committee consists of nine members appointed by the City Council. There is a lot of city council control here. The nine members are appointed by city council members, therefore they can serve certain interests of certain members. This is definitely a top-down run committee. Sustainability Committee members will serve for four years staggered with two-year spacing to ensure membership continuity.
Lastly, the third group is called Sustainable Claremont. It is a community based non-profit organization that coordinates community activities and events, and creates networking opportunities for the community. They are independent of the City but work in cooperation with it and with other organizations. Anyone can become a member by just joining online and becoming a member of a certain action group. Sustainable Claremont promotes the adoption of sustainability practices by all community constituencies via newsletters, fairs, workshops, incentives, expert speakers, eco-grants and other outreach and education programs to engage the community. The City’s approved budget designates $5,000 in FY2013-14 to fund the activities of Sustainable Claremont.
Claremont’s Sustainable City Plan stresses right in the beginning the three main components of sustainability are environment, economy and society. They stress that the reason they chose these three components is in part because of the increasingly urgent need to address the uncertain local water supply and worldwide dependence on carbon-based fuels, which are causing unprecedented global climate change resulting in negative local environmental, economic and social consequences. Since these three components are...

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