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CJS 200

Crime is not only an issue within the United States, but across the world. Every country, state, region, and county may handle crime differently. Even though crimes may be handled somewhat differently depending on your geographical location they all face the same battle. This battle is ever going and leaves law enforcement asking how do I stop this crime from happening again? Like most problem they begin as acute, but eventually turn into something much bigger and become ongoing. The juvenile court system has been developed to handle crimes within juveniles and develop a system to help combat crimes ...view middle of the document...

Finding the route of the problem and stopping it there can save a lot of time and money, who knows even some ones life. When the wrong decisions are made and juveniles are detained they then face the juveniles court and corrections system.
The juvenile court system is a court system specifically tailored for juveniles. The juvenile court system varies from the adult system in many ways. The main way the juvenile court system varies though is that the adult court system I focused more on retribution and serving time. The juvenile court system looks for other options and giving out second chances. Many say the juvenile court system is more lenient and allows for more chances to be given. This is true because the juvenile court system searches for a way to rehabilitate and rebuild the juvenile’s life. This allows for the juvenile to begin with a fresh start and live a normal productive life. Within the juvenile court system there are many variables. Every angle is looked at as well, where as in the adult court system the crime is looked at and a punishment is given out based on the crime. The juvenile court system looks at everything from past criminal records to the individual’s home life and even school attendance and grades. This is a fair way to allow for the proper punishment to be dealt. I believe this allows for the punishment to be tailored to the individual to allow for maximum effectiveness.
Along with looking at every angle the juvenile court system varies in several other ways versus the adult court system. The system follows a similar path towards justice or punishment, but uses different terminology along the way. For example a juvenile is not referred to as a criminal but a delinquent instead. Along with this juveniles are not arrested, but instead taken into custody. Once the court process begins it then varies even more. In adult court charges are filed against them and juveniles have a petition filed. These are similar but just have different terminology once again. In adult court the next step would be their plea. Either guilty or not guilty in juvenile court this is known as having an adjustment made similar to a plea bargain. After this is done typically a decision is made to wither place the juvenile on probation or if they are to be placed in a home or detention facility. Once this decision is made a possible substitution can be made. This is now in the adult court world as a reduction of charges. Next can be the adjudication or a trial as referred to by adult courts. After this is done the punishments are then dealt out. There are several...

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