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Civil War Essay

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HIST101 - Instructor- Wonda Sikes 7/27/14 U.S History to 1877

The Civil War

By: Anthony Green

I chose to do a picture of the American Civil War. The picture I chose is of a battle between the union and the confederacy or north and south. The picture shows how severe the war truly was between the two sides. The north is running up a hill while the south is running down. Both sides have guns and swords drawn, and gun smoke everywhere, people dying on both sides. Horses getting shot, flags waving, and everybody seems to be yelling and screaming. ...view middle of the document...

The first shots were fired on april12th 1861 on Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is a major fort held down by the north in South Carolina. Pretty much Slavery was the main problem causing tension in the political scene in the 1850’s. The Republicans were determined to keep any spread of slavery, and many confederate leaders had threatened secession if the Republican candidate. So after Lincoln won the election in 1861 a lot of the white southerners felt that not being part of the union anymore was there only option, because they felt like they were not being recognized anymore because when Lincoln won the election he didn’t carry any southern states, which messed up there chance to carry out their slave acts and policies. That’s what led up to the civil war beginning. The war lasted from 1861-1865, and the problem has been around since 1789 when the constitution was up dated. The civil war was also meant to bring the whole United States together not just to abolish slavery but to also to define the United States of America as an indivisible nation and not just a loose collection of individual states.
This image was important to United States history because I shows what truly went on during the battles and gives you a quick glimps into what the war was like. The civil war effect a lot of things. Such as slavery, for example the whole war started because people were growing against slavery and others weren’t. They couldn’t come to an agreement on anything so they went to war and...

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