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Civil And Social Uses Of Drones

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March 21, 2016

Drones, otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Remotely Piloted Vehicles, are pilotless aerial vehicles which can be guided either through remote control from its control base or can navigate autonomously based on a preprogrammed software. Drones are often classified into military and civilian drones. Both with individual characteristics which distinguish them. The most outright difference is their functions, whereby military drones are used in the military setting whereas civilian drones are used in less ‘violent' functions and are unarmed, unlike their military counterparts.
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Timothy Amukele, who has recently conducted research on how blood can be transported to labs for testing. In the end, the findings showed no deterioration in important characteristics of blood. Dr. Amukele further indicates that if this works "the impact would be huge" implying that many lives would be saved because, with increased access, more patients would be diagnosed and treated earlier.
Under the title ‘drones for human rights,' the New York Times outlined many probable uses of drones as pertains human rights. Although some may argue that” graphic and detailed evidence does not guarantee a just response, it helps also” as indicated by Sarah Kerr. This, once applied, will reduce cases of human rights violation since it will deter the offenders. Although this looks promising in the fight against human rights violation, Sarah Kerr further states that “a wealth of thought should be invested in considering how drones can be used to capture evidence…without also violating our human right to privacy” this is exceptionally tricky because you may never know or define what will be recorded by the drone’s surveillance.
Drones have also been used to deliver food and medical aid to various war-tone areas. A perfect example is Syria under The Syria Airlift project was developed to deliver food and medical aid to the specific areas in the country, without putting other humans at risk to deliver such aid. Skycatch Relief also utilized this in Nepal after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake; they not only supplied aid but also used drones to map out the area using 3-D printing to assess damage and aid in the rebuilding process. This project if properly undertaken by organizations such as the UN can yield great benefits and greatly reduce the number of casualties obtained during delivery of the aid.
Drones have also been used in management and conservation of forests. A good example of this is seen in the Peruvian Amazon, where Tushevs Aerials launched the Rainforest Air force. Under this, they trained the locals on how to use drones to monitor and protect the Rainforest on their land. This can also be applied in game parks and reserves and be used to...

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