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Circumcision Essay

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Brianna Restrepo
July 1, 2013
Professor Karen Lawler

To cut or not to cut? Will this procedure harm my child? What does my child gain from this procedure? These are questions all parents of little boys may be faced with when it comes to the topic of circumcision. There have been many arguments on whether circumcision is a beneficial procedure or just a cosmetic one. Most of the world does not view circumcision beneficial as the child grows, yet rather views it as a harmful procedure that the child cannot consent to depending on his age. It has been said that “there have been efforts in a number of countries to forbid ...view middle of the document...

In addition to health benefits, circumcision is said to have hygienic benefits and some may even say that there are sexual benefits as well although it has not been proved through scientific studies. As a child gets older the foreskin is retractable which can lead to improper cleaning which can be a problem hygienically and can lead to health issues. When a penis has been circumcised, the likelihood of improper cleaning is decreased as the male does not have to pull the foreskin back to insured proper cleaning is fulfilled. The sexual benefits that some may come to believe is that the sensitivity of the penis is reduced. This may be beneficial to some males in the endurance of intercourse with their partner. Although all these benefits can be great reasons to continue with a circumcision, one must remember or also learn about the risks that are associated with this procedure as well.
Risks are common with any surgical procedure even with one as simple as circumcision. Risks for this surgical procedure are considered to be quite low. (WebMD) Some risks that are known with a circumcision are increased risk of meatitis which is the inflammation of the opening of the penis. Irritation of the glands and injury to the penis are also some of the known risks. Like all surgeries there are also risks of bleeding, swelling, pain, and...

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