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Circuit City Essay

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 was an American vendor in brand-name buyer electronics, individual computers, entertainment software, and until early in 2000 came accompanied with large appliances.  I mean Circuit City was an overconfident brand that America had grown to depend on through the years to offer many products which facilitate people to take pleasure in their lives. I have researched and found that the history of Circuit City is amazingly dating back to 1949. had been developed all-new and geared up to provide the customers with a wider range of products than previously offered in Circuit City stores or online in order to remain current with the continuously growth in technology as well as competition. Here is what I found of the projected items sold at the Circuit City establishment an extended variety of customer electronics, desktops, notebooks, net books, HDTVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, DVRs, Home Theater Systems, GPS Players, Digital Cameras, Hi-Def Camcorders, Digital Picture Frames and so much more. Plus, provided a greatly expanded selection of computer mechanism, like computer cases, motherboards, memory and processors – all the things to promote your existing system, or build your own.

Who were Circuit City competitors?
Circuit City’s key competitor was Best Buy simply because they had a broader selection for every type of customers need as well as want. But increasing competition, mainly with the related electronics superstore chain Best Buy, caused the company to clash harder for market share and to look for innovative ways to make capital. The Circuit City firm differed from Best Buy in offering an elevated-service, hard-sell sales atmosphere, with salespeople functioning for commission. Best Buy was more of a help-yourself retailer. Circuit City went from being the major electronics retailer to being ruined in a small period of time. After Circuit City went bankrupt analysts expected Best Buy to reap huge benefits—their number one competitor, who often had stores very close to Best Buy’s, was no longer going to take business from them. Common sense would say Best Buy would benefit. Best Buy, however, did not see a significant increase in business. In fact, they have been struggling to grow same-store sales and profits. They are also facing a fast-growing competitor in HH Gregg.

What was Circuit City mission or business vision?
Circuit City Mission / Vision Statement: 
On its corporate website before the company went bankrupt and liquidated all of its brick-and-mortar stores, Circuit City outlined the mission statement that purportedly guided the company's decisions and actions. 

"To make sure that we are all working in the same direction, each of us must live and breathe Circuit City's values and use them as a guidepost for our actions and decisions." 

To further clarify that mission to all of its employees, the company outlined its corporate values in detail... 
"Respect Our Associates are our greatest assets. We...

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