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Cim Case Analysis 2014

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1.1 STRENGTHS | Yeo Valley farms (production) Ltd is a private limited company and operates in the farming and dairy processing business, mainly in the UKIt operates mainly in the organic dairy market The family business was taken over by TIM Mead in 1990, together with his mother, they have developed a strong brand in the Yeo valley Organic rangeYeo Valley stated production of organic yoghurts in 1993 and introduced its first fruit flevoured organic yoghurt in 1995The entrepreneurial spirit of TIM is reflected in his key philosophyYeo Valley is much more than a yoghurt manufacturerTim believes in a balanced approached to farming |
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The term ‘organic” became popularized with consumers and publications such as “the Silent Spring” further highlighted the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment.Setting-up of the UK charity the Soil Association in 1946, the key emphasis was on soil fertility and conservationSince the 1960s concern about pesticides residues-BSE, Animal welfare, loss of wildlife and the use of non-renewable resources have influenced the development of organic agriculture Global movements concerned with pollution and the environment increasingly focused on organic farmingMany regard organic food production as directly contributing to sustainable environmental, nutritional, social and welfare objectives. Farming claiming to produce organic food crops avoid the use of agricultural chemical-based supplements such as-biological pest control, Crop rotation, and use of natural fertilizsersUsing antibiotics routinely on the livestock is not a sustainable practice to be found in organic production |

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