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Church Essay

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I think that the church could show Christ better in two simple ways. The attitude and the action from Christians about the church and what they do in their lives outside of church. As Mr. Towns says,” people misunderstand Christianity because of the attitude of Christians toward their local church and the way local churches act.
First, Christians need to start having a better attitude in and outside of church. We need to speak about the ...view middle of the document...

The church in kind should make itself the most welcoming place to be. A place with people who actually care, and who also find time for conservations and outings. The church should try and do more for the community. Also, youth outreach programs and inviting the community to participate also.
Secondly, Christians need to start acting like Christians outside of church. We should be who we are on Sunday in the pew. We should show Christ through us and in return this will draw people to us, and like wise to the church. Actions do speak much louder than words. The church should be actively pursuing a relationship with the community. This provides time for witnessing, and bring the church to people. Showing Christ through ourselves the entire time. The church should have less arguments and more Christ centeredness. The church needs a full blown renewal. Mr. towns defines renewal as, ”when the believes recommit themselves to the biblical practices that Christ expects of them.”
I think this would greatly help our church’s show our love and affection for the community and people in the community. This would allow us as Christians to let Christ’s light shine through us to more people and have more in church.

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