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Chronicles Of Death Foretold Essay

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The first quote sums up the narrator’s intention of writing this novel and the town’s fascination with the crime of honor. Throughout the span of the novel, it becomes increasingly clear that the murder had to happen. Santiago’s fate was to die for the sake of honor as well as the functionality of the town. Although, it is not even clear that he took Angela’s virginity the murder needed to happen. This demonstrates the irrationality of the values. There is no fact showing that he in fact took this virginity but the town needs to point a finger to move on. This quote is illustrative of the town’s obsession with the murder and its inevitability as fate. However, due to the town’s obsessive nature it may be that some townspeople have difficulty rationalizing the event. Perhaps in hindsight they begin to realize their guilt in the crime. When the narrator writes that no one could talk about anything else, it suggests that the event had an adverse ...view middle of the document...

The brother’s needed to carry out this crime to maintain their family and sister’s honor. Society’s obsession with the “exact knowledge of the place and the mission [of the murder]” indicates that some people maybe be realizing their guilt and their role in the murder of this innocent man. They are unable to dismiss the event many years after it happened.

When Pedro Vicario says, “we’ve killed him openly” he is referencing to him and his brothers actions’ as well as the townspeople who knew of the murder but did nothing to stop it. This quote emphasizes society’s role in the murder. Pedro goes on to say “but we’re innocent” he is not delusional but rather realizes that society has incorrectly placed the crime on the brothers’ shoulders. In fact the priest, Father Amador, a member of religious power and authority failed to take any measures to stop the crime. He tries to escape the blame when it is noted that he was too caught up in the Bishop’s arrival. What’s more is the mayor, another member of authority gets too caught up in dominoes to even bother stopping the crime. These are just two of the many examples of how members of authority did nothing to stop the crime. Society appears almost oblivious to the crime, because it was something that had to happen.
The Columbian town that Marquez depicts places a great deal of importance on the structure honor and respect. Men and women have clearly defined roles in this society and compliance to these roles is considered necessary and ideal in its more extreme forms. Society is to blame for creating defined roles. The brother’s committed the murder not because they wanted to, in fact they publicized the event hopes of someone stopping it, but they carried it out because of the rigid societal norms that society placed upon them. They needed to for the sake of their family’s name. The crux of this society is around family honor; Pablo isn’t delusional when he says “It [the crime] was a matter of honor”. If the brothers had not committed society would’ve pigeonholed weak men, not able to protect their families honor. Their family name would be forever scared. They are not entirely blame for the crime, the society plays a great role in the crime as well.

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