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Christmas is nearing and all through the house are trails of cookie crumbs, tape, scissors, and wrappings as the girls are busy with everything they see that can be put under the tree. Leaving trails of story books, toys, hats, mittens, muddy boot prints, and fruit snacks. The fridge is covered with Christmas card photos of friends and relatives as well as Carlee & Cassie’s artistic makings. The Christmas tree is lit and there is a smell of simmering potpourri as Christmas music plays. Groceries & recipe cards are strewn throughout the counter tops. There is no time for laundary, house keeping, or bookwork. For there is a deadline to meet! Christmas is coming and there is still much to do!!
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Carlee Jo-Jo is the yo-yo of the family. Coming and going and being busy-busy all the time taking care of her animals, doing homework, and drawing. She loves to read! If you sit in the chair with her, she’ll read you the whole library with expressions! People everywhere call her “Smiley”. “Smiley” is up rearing to go when the bus comes at 7 a.m. to take her to 1st grade where her best friend, Yazlin, is waiting to play. She loves school as much as she loves to come home and teach Cassie everything she learned. She is a deep thinker. We were reading the Christmas story in Luke 2 verse 8…. on about when the angels came to tell the shepherds the good news of great joy of the baby Jesus being born! And they would find him laying in a manger and they did find him just as the angels had told them. Carlee’s question was, “Mom, what happened to the sheep when the shepherds left them in the field to go find Jesus? Were they safe?”
Cassie Jean stayed home one more year as my buddy helper since the kindergarten class was all boys this year. Next year’s class has a couple of girls coming in that she can be girlfriends with. If Carlee is Pete, then Cassie is Re-Pete, repeating everything Carlee does. Cassie still has that twinkle in her eyes and a fitting nickname of “Pow wow”. High maintenance might describe her since she is hungry every hour. She brings us much joy and laughter as she enjoys being the life of the party and is humorously comical in everything she does. I am blessed daily with her hugs and kisses and little presents.
Supermom in her cape stays busy with the ranching operations, maintenance, housekeeping, and bookwork… content with the blessings and love that adorns my life! May you all feel the deep love Christ has for you this season and all year through! Merry Christmas!

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