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One would think that Christianity and Hinduism would have nothing in common, but in some ways they are. But mostly there are differences between the two. In this comparison that I am making one can find these similarities and differences. First I will start off by helping one understand Hinduism. To define Hinduism is very nearly impossible. Actually it is not so much a religion as a religion-social system. Although Hinduism ...view middle of the document...

Elaborate tissues of ancient religion-social laws were created and were indestructible. Hindu's tried to build a wall of law around the faith so that none could stray from it. The main part of the wall was naturally the caste distinctions, and these therefore received the most careful attention of the lawmakers. The superiority of the Brahmans and the inferiority of the laborer were declared to be ordered in heaven according to divine plans for the prosperity of the world. The cast system was with a man like his breath, was with him instantly from birth to death. Indeed, unlike his breath, it was suppose to follow him into the grave. These laws that regulate the caste are saved for there is no other unifying element in all Hinduism. Also Christians often form castes or endogamous bodies analogous to castes. This is done to form a more or less separate community. There are two major sections in Hinduism and at least fifty-seven sub sections, each are seeking to attain salvation with the aid of its own gods and ceremonies. Christianity, which is even more intensively divided, is at least united by its recognition of Jesus. Hinduism has no such common doctrine.

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