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Christian Nation Essay

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Garrett Kelly
Dr. Tushup
Nancy C. Andreasen is an expert on psychiatric disorders and most importantly an expert on schizophrenia. In earlier years the symptoms of schizophrenia were thought to be in a single brain region. However, with more experts and more studies taking place on schizophrenia we are finding out that there are many areas in the brain that are affected by schizophrenia. Based on empirical data derived from both magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography, we have developed a model that implicates connectivity among nodes located in prefrontal regions, the thalamic nuclei, and the cerebellum(Andreasen, 1998). If there is a disruption in this circuitry it ...view middle of the document...

The important of this phase is an attempt to understand schizophrenia as an abnormality in fundamental cognitive processes and distributed circuits. This emphasis contrasts somewhat sharply with earlier efforts, which focused on the relationship between specific symptoms and specific regions. These two faces relate because in the second phase they ask Which brain region might explain the schizophrenic experience of spontaneous perceptual phenomena such as heard words and sentences in the absence of an external stimulus? The third phase asks questions like “What type of brain abnormality and related disturbance in cognition can explain the diversity of symptoms observed in schizophrenia(Andreasen,1994)? The second and third phase relate to each other and they both have a lot of exciting work to be done. Experts are doing their best to map specific cognitive functions in the normal brain and identify sub-regions that may be abnormal in schizophrenia in relation to specific symptoms. Schizophrenia has multiple symptoms and many psychological domains. Schizophrenia can affect perception, inference, concept formation, language, volition, motor activity, social interaction, and emotion. These symptoms however are not found in all patients but patients may suffer from many or all of these symptoms. For example, some patients do not have hallucinations, while others do have hallucinations. These symptoms are not all cognitive, since they include emotion, motor activity, and sensory systems. Schizophrenia also involves some type of abnormality in receiving and processing information that has already been processed and stored previously and acting on that information to produce some type of reaction or response. Many patients with schizophrenia also are very shy and will not associate with strangers and even friends, they are not known for being outgoing and friendly in public. The disturbance encompasses not just executive functions, but several forms of memory, attention, emotion, and motor activity. Its underlying neural network is not only cortical, but also subcortical. “To express the diversity of the disturbance and to call attention to its subcortical components, we refer to it as “cognitive dysmetria”(Andreasen, 1990). Dysmetria expresses itself in the coordination of motor activity. It is tested clinically in patients by examining functions such as tandem gait or dysdiadokokinesia. Althought patients with schizophrenia have grossly normal motor function, there are many subtle indications of motor impairment. Slowing of reaction times is one of the most consisten findings in older psychological studies of schizophrenia, many of which were completed during the preneuroleptic era. (Kraepelin 1919). More recent studies have also documented the presence of motor system “soft signs” in first-episode neuroleptic naïve patients. These soft signs include the classical indices of motor dysmetria for example dysdiadokokinesia(Andreasen,1990). The term...

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