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Differences in Learning Environments
The workloads and efforts of an online student are far greater than those of a traditional in-class environment. Whether you’re an online student or a traditional in-class student the responsibilities of school can be at time the hardest challenge that one will face along the journey to obtaining the credentials that are needed to purse ones career.
For my career path I have chosen to enter the field of Network Systems Administrator for the purpose of learning more about computer systems and the networks that bring them together. Thus far I have learned that being an online student comes with more responsibility than being a traditional in-class student. Sure, there are perks such as those that don’t require online students to ...view middle of the document...

This is when we have to go out and seek that extra bit of information in order to gain a better understanding of the subject at hand. The exclusion of an instructor makes course outlines difficult at times due to unclear explanations of an assignment. When instructions are unclear and emailed question go unanswered for days at a time it makes it difficult to finish assignments on time. It is very different and at times more confusing than an in-class environment that I was so used to.
My experience of traditional In-class schooling was easier and flowed smoothly. I had face to face time with instructors as well as peers which made getting information about certain subject easier. If there was a time that instructions were unclear about the subject the instructor was there to answer all the questions and keep me on the right track. When an instructor is present and gives students an idea of the subject the students understand more about what they will be getting into and what they will be doing for the remainder of the course. Assignments for traditional in-class learning were always finished on time because there was a better understanding of the subject and there was an instructor physically there to guide whenever problems arose.
Although my experiences of both online and traditional in-class has lead me to the conclusion that would have me favor traditional in-class learning far more that online learning, but I would not make any changes to the way I have learned how to learn through online classes. I have become accustom to online learning with the passing semesters and have also come to realize that the challenges are always going to be in anything that we do. Every student has to figure out how to make learning work for them in one way or another in order to overcome the obstacles that are present in any school environment.

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