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Chinese Essay

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People Have Different Behavior and Value
China is a developing country. After China was established, it experienced Cultural Revolution, Open Door Policy, and Economic Reforms. Chinese people were impressed as fossil by foreigners before thirty years, but the condition has changed by these years. With pushing the Open Door Policy into effect, Chinese people’s mind are opened either. They do not be old-fashioned any more. They welcome and accept new stuff coming into China. They have their own opinion and speech rather than fossil. In contemporary, Chinese can show their real reaction except against the Party. Their behavior and value are different with the development of China. Some people ...view middle of the document...

Yan Shouyi is good at talking. He is humorous and attractive by girls. They have different behaviors for affair with girls in hotel. Yan Shouyi always goes to the hotel and enjoy the affair when Wu Yue invites him. By contrary, Fei Mo is afraid and hesitate affair. He does not enter the room which the graduate student rents. Secondly, people have different status will do different things. Yu Wenjuan does not want to see Yan Shouyi after they divorced. Because Yan Shouyi betrayed their marriage, Yu Wenjuan hate him. She refuses his money and cell phone which he gives her in hospital. Yu Wenjuan does not accept anything from Yan Shouyi. Meanwhile, Wu Yue is totally different. She is Yan Shouyi’s mistress and always asking benefits from Yan Shouyi. For example, she asks Yan Shouyi helps her to be a host in the talk show “You Yi Shuo Yi”. It is the difference between wife and mistress. In contemporary society, it is a normal phenomenon. If you want to have a mistress, you need to pay more. Even though people have same background, they still have different behaviors. People live in the same place and be together all the time, but they have different opinions. There are not totally same thinking in two person. In movie Betelnut, the two main characters spend their time together all the day. They looks like same, but they have different behaviors when they face love. One of them is brave and speak out his love to the girl who he meet in the Internet Bar. He always dates with the girl. In the same time, the other young teenager hides his love. He just following the girl he loved. Also, he always protects the girl and never say his love. In reality, some people are the first teenager. They like to show their love and want to fall in love. Some people are the second teenager who hide their love and afraid to be refused. This is the World. It needs different people to make up. Finally, time and experience could change a person’s behavior. Yan Shouyi is an example whose behavior was changed by time and experience. He cannot leave without cell phone in the beginning of the movie, but he destroys his cellphone in his grandmother’s funeral. He live alone and afraid cell phone in the end of the movie. He knows his behavior make him miss so much moment and he has lost himself in this cell phone. Time and experience are not only have deep influence in people’s behavior, it also affect people’s opinion. In common, people’s behavior and opinion change by their growing age and what they experience. Sometimes experience promote people heading success, but sometimes it lead people face to fail. People should control their behavior properly.
People not only have different behavior, they also have different value. First of all, women have different value for love. Everyone is unique in the world. Women have different attitudes for their boyfriends and husbands. Some women fall in love just because love, but some women have relationship on purpose. In the movie cell...

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