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Children Of Divorce Essay

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Children of Divorce

Kirsten Honahan

Devry University

Children of Divorce
Divorce is never a goal when people get married, but in today’s society it has become the norm. Why is it that so many do divorce? I believe the stigma of being divorced is not there anymore, meaning it’s not a bad thing. Divorce being so common now I believe people are in a throw away society, the commonality is too popular. We are in a society now that if something is too hard we just give up and throw it away. Why are people so consumed with themselves and not with others especially when it comes to their children, we are in a selfish society and it is all about me. I understand when abuse is involved ...view middle of the document...

My goal of this paper is to have people realize the serious consequences of divorce children will incur and the lasting effects it has into adulthood affecting them the rest of their life. I believe having to participate in a mandatory formal premarital preparation program can be instrumental and lower divorce rates.
As stated earlier that divorce is a life experience that will influence a person in the future (Fergusson, 2014). Research has shown when parent’s divorce there is a higher risk of adverse outcomes, which includes lower socio economic well-being (Fergusson, 2014). Income is split and now each parent has to provide a separate home, this is not always favorable and children are then less provided for (Kim, 2011). With less parental supervision there is a higher risk for bad behavior compared to peers who parents stayed married, children of divorce suffered more psychological and had more social problems (Zeratsion et al., 2014). Studies found that boys when parents divorced when they were in elementary school were likely to develop problem behaviors such as smoking and drug abuse (Zeratsion et al., 2014). Interesting enough middle school boys were not as affected as much but long term effects showed both girls and boys had an increase in alcohol dependence compared to peers whose parents stayed together (Zeratsionetal., 2014). Table 2 shows the impact on divorce and a child’s psychological well being (Mandemakers & Kaplmijn, 2014). Results revealing children whose parents divorced had lowered psychological well being compared to intact families (Mandemakers, 2014). Also showing boys had a lower psychological well being then girls (Mandemakers, 2014). Mothers who were more psychologically stressed as well and parents that were economically deprived had lower well beinging (Mandemakers, 2014). On a positive note this study also revealed higher well being in children if they were read to every night as well as if the mother was educated (Mandemakers, 2014).
Mandemakers, J., & Kalmijn, M. (2014). Do mother’s and father’s education condition the impact of parental divorce on child well-being? Social Science Research, 44, Table 2, 187-199.

As I discussed earlier, does the education of the mother and or father impact a child’s well being? Not only does education play a part but also the quality of the marriage, number of siblings and if the parents are financially secure (Mandelmakers, 2014). Divorce leads to a decline in parental resources available to the child, better educated parents may be more aware of the potential negative side effects of divorce for their children. As we all know most of the children live with the mother, this study found better educated mothers may negotiate a divorce better, that they seek resources and pay more attention to their children (Mandemakers, 2014). Interesting to find out a higher educated father with a lower educated mother had a bigger impact on negative...

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