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Children Behavior Worse Than 10 Years Ago

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It is evident that child behavior today is worse than ten years ago. There is a tendency for children today to be more aggressive than ever before. The media is extensive with reports of children doing drugs and exhibiting violent behavior. Girls are indulging in premarital and/or unprotected sex at an early age (The consequence has been increased rate in illegal abortions-some of which have resulted in deaths). At such an early age as 15 girls are sexually active. In essence children are less disciplined today than they were ten years ago. There are number of reasons for the decline in children’s discipline, but one of them stands out, and it might even be at the heart of all the others: ...view middle of the document...

In sum, parents have not been there to give their children the attention and guidance they need.
Parents have not prepared their children on how to deal with the manner in which society today has been questioning authority. True, at the heart of this is a clarion call for “personal independence” which has become rampant in the public domain (Children, n.d). And yes, as experts assert, these behaviors are, in part, a “reflection of our own changing view of authority and authority figures” (Children, n.d.). Indeed, the manner in which people have questioned the motives of the lawyers, bankers, politicians has been so unprecedented when compared to the way parents did ten or so years ago (Children, n.d). The Generation Y needs to be taught on how to be “Generation Why?” without being disrespectful (Children, n.d).
The schools, on which parents have entrusted the responsibility of nurturing their children, have done nothing but to sharpen the children’s intellectual acumen (Schultz, 2012). The schools have not been very good at shaping the children’s moral character. The teachers assume that children are taught such things as table manners, good neighborhood at their respective homes (Schultz, 2012). Indeed, children’s bad behavior has made teaching such an arduous job (Schultz, 2012). Most teachers agree that “the number of problem children has increased in recent decades, and the problems are showing up in increasingly younger children, making teaching a tougher job” (Schultz, 2012). The children are not learning well; they are inappropriate language and are not following direction (Schultz, 2012). Instead of schools nurturing the behaviors of children they have been telling parents to “talk to [their] child[ren] every day … Encourage [their] child[ren] to tell [them] if they have had any issues with other children” (Schultz, 2012).
Even as the parents have taken a backseat in matters concerning the upbringing of their children, the media has rushed in to fill this vacuum. Today, most young people have, as their role models, movie superstars, rappers, divas and many other media personalities (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d.). Children adore this people, and would do or say just anything as these people do (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d). Most of these media content are violent or sexually explicit (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d.). The problem is that even if these people really cared about the impact their activities have on children there is nothing much they can do-they are out to make money (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d).
Most movies today are rife with violent and sexual overtones (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d). Violent media has been known to have adverse effects on child behavior (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d; Center on Media and Child Health). Prolonged exposure to violent television is one of the factors which results into children displaying aggressive behavior-this is the...

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