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Children And Television Essay

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Children and Television
Introduction: This research aims at shedding light on the effects that television has on children, both good and bad, and also on how parents feel about their children’s TV watching habits. It will therefore, rely on most information that has been provided by parents. Television and media as a whole are very powerful factors in not only children’s development but also in most adults lives, even though they can be beneficial to us constant concerns from the different media houses about the risks and harms associated with them can ...view middle of the document...

They are therefore, deemed to be responsible and take control of what their children view. They can do this through various methods, some of which include; balancing the time spent watching TV against other healthy and enriching activities, choosing programs that go together with the child’s interests limiting the time spent watching TV, viewing some programs together with the children so as to explain and clarify some areas of importance to them, using TV to capture the child’s creativity and then supplementing that with trips to the library for more reading, adopting the use of the red button technology to interact with and record the programs that are beneficial to the children, and eventually helping children understand the connection between what they watch and the wider world with reference to cultures, weather and even current issues.

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