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Option #2: Review of a Book, Film, or Event For this extra credit option, you can chose any topic relating to child and adolescent development you are curious about, find controversial, or want to further understand. It may or may not relate to topics we have already covered in the course. You may select a book to read, a film or documentary to watch, or you may attend an event that relates to this topic. Whichever choice you make, you should endeavor to broaden your understanding of this topic. Write a 3 page (double-spaced; 1 inch margins) review of the book/film/event and address the following:
1. Give a brief overview of the topic you chose.
The film “Stand By Me”
2. Discuss why you chose this particular topic.
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As the group of four journeys to find the dead body, they also make a personal journey in their individual identity. They break away from their parent’s care by saying that they are camping out in one of the boys’ backyard, while also breaking away from their parents support and discovering who they are as individuals. Dacey states that “peer influence serves important social and psychological functions. When adolescents do not have the chance to be part of a peer group, they miss out on important learning experiences” (2008: 328). With their parents removed, the boys rely on the friendship they have with one-another for support in their independent development.
The overarching theme that is present in the boys’ friendship is companionship. The boys feel a sense of belonging in the peer group. According to Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte, in addition to providing a general sense of belonging, peer groups share their developing sense of the world and their role within in it, with those they can relate too that are also experimenting with identity and potential (2011). This concept is illustrated when Gordy and Chris are talking about how they will be in different academic classes in Junior High. Gordy rejects his new future academic classmates and wants to associate with his current friends, who are not as scholarly, because he feels a sense of belonging with them. Both Gordy and Chris are experimenting with their potential – Chris says that he will be building bird houses in shop class, while Gordy is taking English classes to be a great writer. The boys are relying on each other, rather then their parents since they feel their parents aren’t able to relate to the issues they are facing. The two boys rely on each other for support in finding out their identity thus creating companionship.
The intimacy and affection function is greatly...

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