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Chemical Plant Essay

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SRJ Chemical Plant is an international company with the Head office based in North America and sub locations all over the world. The company has been in existence for over fifty years and is governed by a board of directors. The President of the company, Romania Nicolls reports directly to the board of directors and works closely with the Vice President, Janina Wilson and the manager of Operations, Sarchyme Lowe. SRJ manufactures and produces products such as insecticides, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, detergents and fertilizers. SRJ Chemical Plant is guided by clearly defined values and standard of conduct. Our company adheres to a strict set of rules and monitors our ...view middle of the document...

4. After being informed of the potential dangers and risks associated with the use of MIM the Minister of Agriculture still wishes to pursue the order.

Causes of Problems

After years of debate the United States government has passed a law forbidding the use of MIM in the country due to high levels of toxicity. It has been proven that the chemical is easily ingested by humans through the vegetables and crops which are eaten daily, also through the water supply which is then contaminated; this could resolve to serious health issues and can result in skin problems such as rash, hair loss, throat infections and can also have an effect on females who are pregnant which can cause babies to be born with health issues such as cerebral palsy, heart deficiencies and underdeveloped at the time of birth. The toxic would also be harmful for the environment and will pollute the air and would affect the trees in the community.

If SRJ were to supply West Africa with this insecticide, ten years from now when the side effects become evident and health problems begin to arise the company can potentially be held liable for damages caused as a result of the use of MIM. A problem of this magnitude could lead to international trade sanctions against SRJ.

To safely and effectively dispose of MIM, the company will not only forfeit the potential future revenues of its existing inventory, but also the disposal process will prove to be costly in itself. Although admittedly this will be a substantial short term financial setback for the company, it is a necessary step towards SRJ’s long term success in today’s every increasing environmentally conscious markets.

The Minister of Agriculture’s decision to pursue the order despite evidence presented to him highlighting the long term dangers of MIM is putting his country at risk. It is evident that the West...

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