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Checkpoint: Word Barriers Essay

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CheckPoint: Word Barriers
Francis Felter
Debra, Bourdeau

According to Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others (2008), The first step to bridging differences between cultures is to find out what hampers effective communication (Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond, 2008). Men and women in romantic relationships are no different when it comes to communicating with one another. XCOM/200’s Appendix B, Fictitious Online Chat Conversation (2011), is a conversation between Karen and Brian where differences culminate into communication barriers that can damage their relationship. There are many self-oriented communication barriers amongst many fallacies that can cause ...view middle of the document...

why can’t u ever b on time, u r so rude and disrespectful!!!!
Karen is presenting the polarization and assuming differences communication barriers. Assuming that Brian is always different from her and over exaggerating the situation with the rude and disrespectful comment polarizes the situation when she makes the distinction of good and evil. There are times when unseen situations entrap people where Karen could have been more understanding that perhaps Brian was trying his hardest to finish his work, but did not call because he thought he could make it. Karen would have been better texting, “I ordered you a sandwich thinking you would be here, how much longer until you complete your work?”

3) 6:59pm
bRiAn_sMoOtHe says:
Again it seems Brian is yelling which can be a communication barrier in any texting or email, but the major communication barrier is treating Karen impersonally by lack of clarity as to what “stuff” is more important than Karen. Brian could have said, I can explain as soon as I get there or see you at home,” because Karen would deserve an explanation for being stood up.

4) 6:59pm
Karenblue852 says:
i hate u!!!!……..u r such a JERK!!!!
Karen uses demeaning language as a communication barrier. Sometimes a job that pays the bills puts great pressures on people to brown nose in fear of being fired. Perhaps Brian is fed up with having to always be late as well, but it also seems the pressure of his employment keeps him from having time with Karen. Karen does have a right to be upset, but perhaps she is upset with the wrong person; Brian’s boss could be taking unfair advantage of Brian’s expertise that...

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