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Characteristics Of Child Development Essay

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Characteristics of Developmental Periods

There are five distinctive developmental periods that occurs; they are infancy which is from birth to 2years, early childhood which is 2years to six years. Then there is Middle Childhood which ranges from age six through ten, early adolescence to age ten to fourteen and finally late adolescence which lasts from age fourteen through eighteen.
At birth even though the baby is dependent on his parents and caregivers he has ways that he communicate and seek comfort. The baby uses cries and other physical reflexes to get his caregiver to respond to him. The consistent response of the care giver whether it’s cuddling, feeding or changing ...view middle of the document...

In their social life they are loyal to their own set of friends that they learn to resolve disputes. At this stage the child will also compare themselves with their peers and wonder about their abilities to carry out certain tasks. They will also keep basic rules in mind and how they behave is important to them. At this point their motor skills are more developed and they might start participating in athletic activities.
By early adolescence the physical features of the child starts to change because of puberty. However not all of them go through it at the same time, some will be earlier than others. The now adolescent will start to feel self conscious and is concerned now how their friends see them rather than drawing a comparison with them as they would have done in the middle years. At this point how they think has become more sophisticated and their knowledge has expanded exponentially. They will also now push the boundaries by challenging the rules instead of following them without question.

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