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Characteristics Of Business Leadership: Alan Mulally

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This era has become very competitive and in order for organizations to be successful they need leaders to establish and manage relationships and lead their subordinates accordingly in order to achieve the company’s mission and objectivity. Leadership overall plays a very important role in the success of a company because the leader controls their subordinates behavior. If subordinates have uncertainties that are not directed accordingly it can result in an unhealthy environment, and in turn it will affect the growth of the organization, therefore good leadership is necessary.
There are different leadership styles; a particular leader that will be discussed is Alan Mulally a CEO of Ford ...view middle of the document...

6 billion US dollars by using Fords assets. Alan Mulally confronted the challenging objections from other members and had to convince them that his business strategy was to help Ford to stay afloat and soar from the recession they were struggling from. (Vlasic, 2009)
Alan Mulally was considered a leader who has authoritative skills and his crisp behavior helped manager his followers. Even though Alan Mulally is an authoritative leader he is flexible enough to consider feedback from consumers as well as industry experts. (Fortune 500 Leader 2012; O'Reilly 2010). Alan Mulally is a leader who follows the result-oriented leadership style which has proven to be successful for him. Normally the autocratic style has been deemed as an unsuccessful form of leadership style, but Alan Mulally has proven that belief to be false. Alan Mulally has grabbed the bull by the horns and has worked with subordinates and created an environment that brought his subordinates to be eager and enthusiastic in working for him. Even if he is an autocratic leader he is flexible in adopting cultural changes and very understanding of his subordinates values and behaviour.
Alan Mulally works 12 continuous hours everyday in order to manage change effectively and to strengthen the cultural environment. He has adopted cultural diversity at Ford Motors to avoid negative stereotyping. Every Thursday he held a meeting with other executives at Ford to discuss his ides and views. Mulally follows an open communication environment, he motivates his subordinates to give feedback and suggestions. (Kiley 2007) Alan Mulally has been successful because of his listening and discussion strategy. Alan Mulally has implanted integrity and reliability in his leadership style.
Alan Mulally implements the business leadership theory of Transformational, to promote individual motivation and group behaviour. (Powell, 2011) In order to follow the leadership theory, the leader needs to establish trust and confidence with their subordinates. From day one Alan Mulally tried to develop a strong level of trust with subordinates, so that they can trust him and the decisions he makes. Trust is a vital role that needs to be developed in order to have an effective team. When trust is developed it also enhances the confidence in its leader. Alan Mulally used this method to apply to the success of Ford Motors. The four attributes that Allan Mulally possess that has contributed to his successful leadership is charisma, inspiration, logic, and flexibility.
In order to motivate his subordinates Mulally has worked long hours along with them. His values have been transferred to his subordinates by leading by example, this has inspired them to follow his behavior and achieve the mission and main objective of Ford Motors. He has communicated his ideas to improve Ford Motors from the recession they were facing, with such optimism and excitement that his followers perceived that optimism and followed and achieved...

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