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Chapter 4 Homework Essay

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1. A $50,000 loan is to be amortized over 7 years, with annual end-of-year payments. Which of these statements is CORRECT?
a. The annual payments would be larger if the interest rate were lower.
b. If the loan were amortized over 10 years rather than 7 years, and if the interest rate were the same in either case, the first payment would include more dollars of interest under the 7-year amortization plan.
c. The proportion of each payment that represents interest as opposed to repayment of principal would be lower if the interest rate were lower.
d. The last payment would have a higher proportion of interest than the first payment.
e. The proportion of interest versus principal ...view middle of the document...

When solving for interest rate you will never have a negative value.

3. Riverside Bank offers to lend you $50,000 at a nominal rate of 6.5%, compounded monthly. The loan (principal plus interest) must be repaid at the end of the year. Midwest Bank also offers to lend you the $50,000, but it will charge an annual rate of 7.0%, with no interest due until the end of the year. How much higher or lower is the effective annual rate charged by Midwest versus the rate charged by Riverside?
a. 0.52%
b. 0.44%
c. 0.36%
d. 0.30%
e. 0.24%

Riverside Bank : EFF%= (1 + 0.0054)12 -1.0 = 0.0668 = 6.68%
Midwest Bank: EFF% = (1 + 0.07)1 – 1.0 = 0.07 =7%

Difference = 0.32%

4. Steve and Ed are cousins who were both born on the same day, and both turned 25 today. Their grandfather began putting $2,500 per year into a trust fund for Steve on his 20th birthday, and he just made a 6th payment into the fund. The grandfather (or his estate's
trustee) will make 40 more $2,500 payments until a 46th and final payment is made on Steve's 65th birthday. The grandfather set things up this way because he wants Steve to work, not be a "trust fund baby," but he also wants to ensure that Steve is provided for in his old age.
Until now, the grandfather has been disappointed with Ed, hence has not given him anything. However, they recently reconciled, and the grandfather decided to make an equivalent provision for Ed. He will make the first payment to a trust for Ed today, and he has instructed his trustee to make 40 additional equal annual payments until Ed...

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