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Chapter 4 Essay

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Week 4 Short Essay 1- 2

Supervision Concepts and Skill – Building

Part 1.
The first principle in the principle of organizing it parity principle. The parity principle states that personnel who are given responsibility must also be given enough authority to carry out that responsibility. (Certo, 2013). An example of parity principle is if I hired a contractor to build a house and I was the one picking the material and hiring workers for the job. When giving the task of building the home to the contractor, he accepts the responsibility for completing the task. The contractor also had the authority to hire his labors. By hiring the contractor I am giving the contractor the ...view middle of the document...

Then they empower employees to make more decisions. This has happen at my place of work NJ Transit. In NJ Transit’s accounting department, the entire department was reorganized. It resulted in having one accounting department for both transportation divisions (Bus and Railroad). Before the reorganization, there were two division managers now just one. That one manager had a 50% increase in his span of control.

Part 2.
Decision making is about choosing from several options or ideas and taking action to generate a particular result. It is usually considered to be a rational and logical thinking process.
The following decision making stages are typically described. Firstly, it's important to be clear about what you want the decision to achieve. Then you need to come up with alternatives that you think might get you what you want. The information gathering stage involves assessing the various alternatives and their consequences. The idea here is to work out which alternative will best give you your outcome.
A decision is not complete until you take action and then determine if the action got you your outcome. If not, you need to cycle back to an earlier stage in the process.
Some decision making models have many more stages than described here but what you'll find is that they have taken these stages and broken them down into their component parts.
In order to explain the decision making process, it's easier to describe stages and it may seem like one stage follows the other. In reality though, it is usually not a linear process. There may be a cycling through various stages or even several stages happening at once. Some processes don't even compare alternatives. I think one stage I use in my job is thinking about the alternatives when making a decision because to reach the decision there may be a need to take a different route to achieve the same task. If the alternatives are pre thought then if a change is needed it can be done seamlessly.
It is useful when making decisions to understand that different considerations enter the picture for each of us. Nonetheless, there are some overarching principles we can use in approaching ethical decision making. The effect of the actions on the decision maker (egoism); everyone potentially involved (utilitarianism); and the fundamental principles (deontology)
represent three major systems of theoretical ethical systems.
One approach to ethical decision making is to consider the effect of your decision on yourself as the decision maker, anyone else potentially involved, and the bigger picture – the impact of your actions on your institution, your profession, and the world. Once you understand the potential impact of your decision on yourself and others then you will be in a better position to make a decision. Before making a decision, make sure that you first get all the facts about the situation, identify as all the alternative actions as possible, evaluate each possible decision,...

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