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Chapter 1 Review Questions

1372 words - 6 pages

1. Which of the following is true about 1 bit?
a. Can represent decimal values 0 through 9
b. Can be used to represent one character in the lowercase English alphabet
| c. Represents one binary digit
d. Represents four binary digits
2. Which of the following terms means approximately 106 bytes?
a. Terabyte
| b. Megabyte
c. Gigabyte
d. Kilobyte
3. Which answer lists the correct number of bits associated with each term?
a. 8 bits per double word
b. 32 bits per word
| c. 64 bits per quadruple word
d. 4 bits per byte
4. Which of the following answers are true about random-access memory (RAM) as it is normally
used inside a personal computer? ...view middle of the document...

Which of the following determines, in part, what bits the
computer stores in RAM to represent the number 123456789?
a. Keyboard map
b. Pixel grid
c. Character set
| d. The binary equivalent of decimal 123456789
8. Which of the following is not a feature of a file system that might be used with a hard disk drive?
| a. An actuator arm
b. A directory
c. A file
d. A place to keep directory information on the hard disk
9. A student writes a report using a word processor, saving the report in a file called my_report.
The student stores the file on his laptop hard disk drive. Later, he posts the file on a file-sharing
site for a classmate to review the report. Then, he copies an updated version of the file to a flash
drive to submit it to his instructor. Which of the following are some of the important features
supplied by files as defined by a computer OS? (Choose three answers.)
a. Keeps data in order
| b. Provides a convenient way to name a set of data for easier operations like copying and
| c. Names give users an easy way to reference the data
| d. Gives the CPU an easy way to identify the data it wants to read from RAM
10. You write some files to a flash drive and then share the drive with a classmate. That classmate
opens an application that lists the contents (folders and files) of what is on the flash drive. The
classmate sees all the files you had placed onto the flash drive. How does your classmate’s
computer know what is on the flash drive?
| a. By reading the file system’s directory information, which is stored on the storage device
b. By reading the file system’s directory information, which is automatically posted to a
centralized online site
c. By reading the files and autogenerating a directory structure for the files, for use on your
classmate’s local computer
d. The flash drive’s contents will not be usable by the classmate
11. Which of the following answers best describes how a hard disk drive physically writes a binary 0
or 1?
a. Using an electrical charge
| b. Using a magnetic charge
c. Changing the disk’s surface so that later the light will reflect differently for 0 or 1
d. Holding a sound wave in a vacuum
12. Which of the following answers are true about an internal hard disk drive (HDD) as it is
normally used inside a personal computer? (Choose two answers.)
a. Used for short-term memory
| b. Used for long-term memory
| c. Used to process data
d. Connects to the CPU over a bus using a cable
e. Is installed onto the motherboard
13. Which of the following are components of an internal hard disk drive (HDD)? (Choose two
a. Actuator arm
| b. Laser
c. Platters
| d. Sliding media tray
14. Which of the following technologies are considered to be solid state? (Choose two answers.)
| a. RAM
| b. Hard disk drive
c. Optical disc drive

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