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Changing Demographics In Health Care Essay

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Changing Demographic and Health Care
Professor J. Leff

Changing Demographic and Health Care
In the United States, the aging Baby Boom generation has caused recent concern over the future and the affordability of healthcare; what it cost in more than just money is a dilemma of national proportions. There is a quickly changing generation of ‘boomers’ whom are aging to the next great population of the elderly and retired in the United States; the older they get the more prone these health consumers are to acquiring a health related issue or disorder. Though the cost of health care currently is manageable the reality of the situation lies in the retirement years when ...view middle of the document...

Obesity, emphysema, and jut normal old age is causing a need for medical interventions to promote healing and longevity. This generation of American lived like ‘fat cats’ through the eighties and nineties without thinking about the ill effects to future health. Unfortunately, the future is the present and body aches and pains are beginning to present it-self. The need is there currently and futuristically it will only become a greater need (The Gerontological Society of America, 2008).
America’s health care shortage has already compromised the availability of sound health care to some areas of the United States. The lack of compensation from insurance providers, including governmental ones has caused a shortage in the amount of individuals perusing health care degrees (Pelletier, 2013).  No one wants to work for less than he or she feel he or she is worth; thusly so in health care. Table 1 shows in numbers the worry of those in related fields.
Table 1. Projected Nurse and Physician Shortages by 2025. (As cited by Pelletier, 2013, Positive Futureist).

Caregivers | Year | Shortages |
Nurses | 2025 | 500,000 |
Primary Care Physicians | 2025 | 46,000 |
Surgeons | 2025 | 41,000 |
Medical Specialty Physicians | 2025 | 8,000 |
Other Specialty Physicians | 2025 | 29,000 |
Total Physicians before Reform | | 31,000 |
Total Physicians with Reform | 2025 | 155,000 |

In one short decade and a half the shortages increase dramatically for nurses to half a million individuals needed to fill the demanded roles brought about by the aging American population (Pelletier, 2013).  One challenge directly related to this is the fact that one too many will be in retirement, with the loss of employer provided health insurance no longer a viable option the out-of-pocket costs to the consumer will have a ‘sticker shock’ effect. Paying for things with no outside help will be a hard ship to those who once enjoyed the fruits of a good health care plan. This could in fact have a residual effect of those in need of health care not receiving it because the cost is too much for the individual to afford (The Gerontological Society of America, 2008).
. The family physician that is at the lower salary end is still expensive, and an aging population will tend to need referrals to specialist.
This is the second obstacle for those whom find themselves in the Baby Boom generation. The money that was acquired and saved over the last third of a century for the golden years of life meant for enjoyment and relaxation may not be used for the intended purpose. In fact, it may be eaten up by family physicians, referrals, and trips to a specialist. As life expectancy increases so too does the probability that, a person will suffer from a cost disease or disorder. The body is much the same as an automobile. It the proper care and conditioning is not done the breakdown is inevitable, and as no vehicle last forever; breakdown is not a...

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