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Change Strategy Essay

663 words - 3 pages

Benjamin Lightner
Instructor’s Name
Andrea Doctor
LDR 531 Organizational Leadership
December 12, 2008

Change of Strategy

The groundbreaking gene technology brought to market by Gene One will be used to eradicated disease in potatoes and tomatoes. This gene technology will eliminate the need for pesticides used by farmers when growing tomatoes and potatoes. This product helped facilitate the grow of Gene One from a $2 million dollar start-p to a $400 million dollar company in less than eight years. Gene One’s management notice the rising stock indices on Wall Street that indicated an interest increased interest in biotechnology. Based on the limited knowledge, the drive of ...view middle of the document...

The technology research team is not focused on making a profit but more on making a contribution to society. The culture of the organization will be key to whether or not the company can retain current individuals and/or recruit new more experienced employees. (Wahl, 2005). The company continues to add Gene value to its all of it stakeholders (customers, employees shareholders, and the communities it supports.
The company has numerous alternatives that it can consider. The primary issue is the lack or leadership within the organizations. In order for Gene One to realizes the growth potential it must have the right leadership in the organization in order for the IPO process to have a smooth transition. But if the organization lacks that leadership it would make the implementation process extremely difficult. If the company is to be effective, the leadership of the organization must have the know of what is needed. "An effective leader does not have to be a leader in the sense that the term is now most commonly used; asking...

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