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Change Proposal Essay

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Change Proposal
Lourdes Garcia
August 19, 2013
Rana Lindstrom

Change Proposal Introduction
Organizations around the world understand that Change management is essential to maintain the organization working with success. “Change management is increasingly seen as a business function, given that it is driven more and more by business factors, and becomes a way to optimize organizational effectiveness, balance competing demands, and improve the bottom line” ( Lebon & Stone, 2008). When any organization is ready to make changes, change management helps them make the transition smoother.
Kudler Fine Foods is an organization that is no exception and is in need of the ...view middle of the document...

Need for Change
Organizations around the world, understand that a change management program is key to make sure that work is performed better in comparison to the way they were performing earlier before the change. In the current situation, Kudler Fine Foods is of the opinion that the sales department is not working properly and some change is necessary to be incorporated.
As a midlevel manager, there is definite confidence that this change will bring success in the organization. The sales department needs to improve and increase the level of work, and also increase sales. Currently, the situation at Kudler Fine Foods is not satisfactory, and the levels of activities performed are low. There is a need to bring the level of activities to a higher level. In this way, it is going to be important for the organization to guarantee that the changes planned will be incorporated in a proper way.
Four Dimensions of Change Management
The four dimensions of change are linked Strategy, Resources, Systems and Culture. They all relate to meet goals and objectives, and this way they are able to have better performance and competitiveness in the organization. When an organization has the objective to change a project in mind, the project goes through a planned strategy, and looks for the best strategy, when the initial strategy is practiced continuously with available resources, then systems and culture help that organization accomplish those goals. Most of the time, the goals met, lead to better performance and more competitiveness. Kudler Fine Foods change has to be managed effectively so that there is no resistance from employees. The dimension of change management holds a high level of importance at Kudler. Dimensions of change management include goals, process, focus and leadership.
First, the dimension of change management at Kudler is goals. The change must be incorporated in a way that the goals are achieved. The process must guarantee to accomplish better results than before. Management must focus on the change which is incorporated in the organization, since good Leadership helps in ensuring that employees are inspired towards acceptance of change.
Employment Change Management Approach
When changes are brought in the sales department of the organization, it is necessary that those changes are appropriate...

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