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Change Plan Essay

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This paper will discuss strategies for implementing changes to the education of juveniles housed at the new Juvenile Justice Center. The Juvenile Justice Center, formerly Youth Study Center, will add vocational technical training to the regular education already offered to juveniles. Vocational technical training will offer juveniles employable skills upon release. To properly implement this training, management must develop a monitoring process, understand the relationships of processes, systems, and professional roles.
There are 3 components in the monitoring process of the implementation of a vocational technical education curriculum at the new Juvenile Justice Center. The ...view middle of the document...

Roles and Responsibilies
The results of the changes and the lessons learned through implementation will be well documented. Proper documentation improves the quality of lessons to be taught in the future and creates continuity between staff and the public. The details of implementing a vocational technical training at the new Juvenile Justice Center will provide evidence that will be useful in the future if a problem occurs. Management will use database and electronic files to store relevant data which will include the following details:
▪ When the change was implemented
▪ Details of any complications, changes in enrollment procedures, or changes in instructors
▪ Who supervised and performed implementation
▪ Details of the success of implementation
▪ Adjustments to documentation such as hurricane disaster plans, operational structure, staff and instructors database
▪ Material and equipment inventory
In order for the implementation of a vocational technical training program to be successful, every level of the school system has to support the program. From the school board to the Para educators, this implementation requires that all involved move together by carrying out their role in the implementation (Burns, 2009). In addition to the school system, the City of New Orleans through the staff at the new Juvenile justice Center must pull together to accomplish this implementation. The key management roles for implementation are:

|Responsible Party(s) |Their Role: |Their Affect on the Program: |
|Principal |Developed idea for the vocational technical |The most important individual in the program. |
| |program. Responsible for the success of | |
| |implementation. | |
|District Superintendent/Local School |Approved implementation of program. Authorized|Gives the program stability through funding |
|Board |funding. |and support. |
|Director of Juvenile Justice |Provided additional space, security, and |Collaboration with principal vital to success |
|Center/City of New Orleans |equipment from the new Center for the program.|of program. |
|Instructors/Educational Team |Provide technical and practical expertise to |Knowledge of training is important to |
| |program. Teach and instruct juveniles in |implementation strategies. |
| |vocational technical training. | |
|Support Team ...

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