Change Management Essay

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Change Management
MGT 426
July 29, 2013

Change Management
The roles of managers and individuals in change management are often intertwined; the organizational arrangement consistently seeks to engage both individual employees and his or her management teams in the course of organizational change. The goal of this is to engage employees and encourage them to adopt a new way of functioning in their careers, and it often falls to the management team specifically tasked with change management to make this process as painless as possible.
The change management process usually consists of five parts: the change management team, executives, senior managers, middle managers, supervisors, the ...view middle of the document...

These are known as employee-facing roles because these are the people who employees expect to hear from during the change process (Change Management Learning Center, 2013). The enabling roles consist of the change project team, the change management resource team, and the project support team. These are not employee-facing roles, largely because employees do not understand their function, do not know who they are, and do not care what they have to say (Change Management Learning Center, 2013).
During the change process, management has several clear and precise steps that should be followed to maximize the impact of the change throughout the organization. The first step a manager of change should take is to adopt a structured methodology to use on the projects that the management supports. Communication is a large factor in successful change; management should make the case for why it is important to manage the people-side of change early and often and this case should be made clear to senior leaders, middle management, and supervisors (Change Management Learning Center, 2013). Connecting the change to something that employees and management is helpful, and it is important to connect these changes to things that management and employees care about, such as financial objectives or delivering a project on time and on budget (Change Management Learning Center, 2013). It is also important to go to each group and explain the role that they are expected to fulfill. Provide these groups with knowledge, training, and tools; for many groups involved in the change process, applying change management can be a stressful ordeal. These groups need to be well armed with the knowledge of the change and why it is important, the training to manage the change consistently, and the tools to make everything fall in to place (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2006).
There are many types of potential change agents. All types of change agents have one thing in common; they have a certain power...

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