Change From High School To College

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Life in high school was very different from that of what I have experienced up to now in college. Transition from high school to college was not easy. There were many points influencing the fact that I wasn’t prepared enough initially to go through this experience so suddenly. On 10th september,2015 I was a boy who had flown 18000 miles from Kolkata, India and come to experience a completely different culture and phase of my life. I never expected it to be really easy to get through this change, because I knew they were both going to be very different lives, and life in college would be different because of all the freedom, and responsibility. When I was in high school, I had all the ...view middle of the document...

However late at night I would sleep, I would wake up at 6am.thaat went away after a week, so it became much more comfortable with the timetable.
I am a 100% vegetarian. So food initially wasn’t very comfortable. I knew that would be a bit of an issue initially so I had found out about a few places around college. The food I got in these places was good, but I started going to these places only after the first week. In the first week I ate at only the food at the eating centers. With the food in these places was it was really limited in and could eat, to pizza sushi burgers and salads. I have a few health problems so having junk like pizza and burgers everyday wasn’t a very viable option for me but I had to do it for the first week.
The type of education was a very big change. I really liked the fact that I had classes at different times everyday. In india we have fixed periods for class, 7 periods from 8am to 2pm everyday. Over here classes are much more interactive, personal and we don’t really do much in class in high school in india. We just had textbooks out of which we read and learned. Over here it was very interactive and based mainly online. So I was having a bit of a hard time initially because I have a very bad concentration. So I kept getting distracted while doing work. I kept opening facebook, Netflix, etc. This distraction is still...

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